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Wolfpack for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Wolfpack is a software bolt-on for JDE EnterpriseOne 9.0 and 9.1 that automates the package build and deployment process. The software is developed in the JDE toolset, and allows you to quickly and easily create packages based on objects at an OMW status. Wolfpack also includes OMW integration that allows it to promote OMW projects before and after a package build based on OMW statuses that you configure. The software will also monitor server load so it can intellegently deploy packages while UBE's are not being run. You can easily configure messaging throughout the package build process, and automatically send a post build report in PDF, HTML, or Excel format.

The functionality of Wolfpack includes:

  • Automatically name Packages based on Processing Option values. Possible options are to base the package name on the Pathcode + Letter of your current full package, or by date with or without the year.
  • PreBuild and Post Build OMW project promotion.
  • Automaticlly add package build user to each project at a pre-configured OMW role.
  • Send E-mails to notify users of OMW project promotions.
  • Deploy packages automatically after the package is built, or schedule them for future deployment.
  • Configurable number of retries and retry interval if UBE's are running when the package tries to deploy.
  • Send E-mail message to notify if package deployment is being delayed.
  • Automatically terminate running batch jobs at time of deployment.
  • automatically pause the job scheduler prior to deployment, and restart after deployment.
  • Automatically restart JDE subsystem jobs that were killed during package deployment.
  • Automatically deploy package to fat clients using a deployment group.
  • Build and deploy business services packages.
  • Send a post deployment report in PDF, CSV, or HTML format.
  • Preserve the fat client jde.log by copying it to the Deployment server package folder.
  • E-mail the jde.log client build log, and the server build log.
  • No Technical expertise is required to create packages. Simple ensure OMW projects are at the proper status, and the UBE will create, built, and deploy the package.